An advertising network, or ad network, connects businesses that want to run advertisements with websites that wish to host them.
The principle attribute of an ad network is the gathering of ad space and matching it with the advertisers needs.
You can target a specific group of consumers on websites throughout the world.
Ad networks offer many different pricing models such as
CPM (cost-per-mille). CPC (cost-per-click). CPA (cost-per-action).
There are several different ways to grow traffic to your website.
The major sources are “Organic Traffic” and “Paid Traffic”.
Startcryptogame gathered the best and most rewarding ad platforms over the years that dominate the crypto industry and beyond.
Not sure wich platform suits your goals? Then check out the “Read more” page for detailed information and a complete tutorial.


HITLINK                                                 A powerful open social and traffic exchange platform. Brand and promote your products, services, sites, and more for free. You only get live, real-time targeted traffic here.                           Read more

TRAFFICG                                             Manual traffic exchange with over 500,000 members. Good place to advertise older established programs as well as squeeze pages for list building. Guaranteed visitors with a 1:1 exchange ratio.                     Read more

10KHITS                                                    Standard traffic exchange for webmasters, small business owners and traffic resellers who want scalable and on-demand results.   Lets you surf and earn points without interruptions or pop-ups.                            Read more

HITLEAP                                                    A traffic exchange started in 2008. Offers a dynamic timer to deliver traffic that fits your needs. Earn traffic by first visiting other peoples website. Alternatively, you can buy a package to deliver traffic to your website.        Read more


EASYHITS4U                                          A traffic exchange online since 2003. Promote your links, banner and text ads. Earn credits and receive bonuses such as credits, banner and text ad impressions, cash, Premium days, surf drawing tickets.    Read more

TRAFFICADBAR                                    Traffic exchange operating with a 17 level system. The higher on the ladder, the more hits you receive in three days. Level 10 can get you up to 1,022 hits a day. Bonus system for every 25 pages surfed.         Read more

KLIXION                                                  This traffic exchange launched in 2013. They offer new members 10,000 free credits for surfing only 1,000 ads. The bronze membership is completely free and sign up is very quick and only requires an email.       Read more

TRAFFIC MAGNET                                      In this automated traffic platform, members can design their very own “classy” floating ads which attract visitors attention. Unlike normal banner ads, these floating ads can get a 19.5% click-through rate.               Read more


MIGHTYADS                                           COMING SOON             

MELLOWADS                                     Launched in 2015, offers CPM and CPC campaigns. Buy a number of unique views or clicks. Banner and pop-under ads. Daily revenue is based on the number of views, clicks, or pops provided to the network.     Read more

BITMEDIA                                             The company provides both CPC & CPM campaigns, with payments initially being made for every click (CPC) or 1,000 impressions (CPM). The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0.001 Bitcoin.                   Read more

COINTRAFFIC                                           Been around since 2014. Offers CPM campaigns and a wide range of advertising format options, including banners, pop-under and native ads. Minimum withdrawal of €25, and payouts are processed within 24 hours. Read more


ADCONITY                                              Ad network founded in 2017. Provides CPC, CPM and CPA campaigns. Wide variety of ad types, from text, image and native ads to POPs (under, up & new tab). Minimum amount to payout is $50.           Read more

ADBIT                                                    A pay-per-day system. Similar to Google AdSense. Advertisers will bid against each other for a share in the ad space on your website. The higher the bid, the more you can potentially earn.                             Read more

A-ADS                                                       One of the oldest Bitcoin advertising networks. Promotes anonymity: no personal information or verification is required. payments are always prompt and punctual, good record of customer support.              Read more

CRYPTOCOINADS                                 Top advertising platform offering CPM and CPC models. up to 10% bonus deposit every day. Pay campaigns through Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Guaranteed the highest visitor rate for your website.     Read more


COINZILLA                                           A prominent advertising network, launched in 2016. Offers CPM and CPC advertising in the form of banners, floating banners, and pop-under ads. Can be funded not only with Bitcoin but also with Ethereum.     Read more

HILLTOPADS                                         A CPU/CPA/CPM ad network that offers various ad types. Most popular are pop-under ads, available for mobile and desktop sites. In-house tech rejects bot traffic, click farms, malware, and viruses. Read more

COINAD                                                Only websites with Alexa ranks of under 100,000 and 100,000 daily page impressions can advertise with CoinAD. Moneymaker for trusted, high traffic websites publishers who are lucky to be invited.                            Read more

COINMEDIA                                           This traffic platform offers 6 networks, which differ by their traffic quality. Choose either a text ad or banners in different sizes. Receive revenue-share. Minimum payout is 0.004 BTC with a 0.0005 Bitcoin miners fee.                Read more

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