Cashflowminer is an easy way to earn some dollars without any efford.
Simply sign up, press the ”Start mining cash” button and leave your window open.
Its as simple as that.
There are different ways to increase your balance. One of them is using your computer CPU.
Mine hashes and convert them in to real cash.
The more powerful your computer, the more cash you are able to mine.




Purchase VIP membership for only $4.99 per month and double up your earnings.
Tip: Make sure to invite some friends to benefit from the 20% commission, this will increase your earnings significantly.


Add your website into Cashflow system and receive traffic for your website straight away.
By promoting your website using this system, you won’t receive only visits, you will receive minutes of traffic.
Let’s say you pay for 1000 minutes, you can receive 1000 unique visitors each of them spending at least 1 minute on your website, or you can receive 100 unique visitors each of them spending at least 10 minutes on your website and so on.