Get ready for ClickFight!

From the same creators of Bitcoin Monsters

The main part is the arena!
Join it by clicking the button “Join the arena” at the top of the main page. There you can find up to 20 players/NPCs.

Fight the enemies by clicking on their target.
Their border-color should now change to orange.
To attack them, press “start attack” at the bottom, or use the Hotkey “Q”. As soon as their life hits 0 you will get some reward!

Be careful - This game can be very addictive -

What are NPC's ?

The arena is the place where you can fight, rank up and earn rewards for doing battles.
NPC’s are basically computer enemy’s that are present in every level of the arena. You start in level 1.
You can not be attacked by other players when you are in level 1, keep that in mind.
Jumping to a higher level will allow you to find more experienced NPC’s but also stronger players who can attack you aswell. So be careful when you play in higher levels.

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The Arena!

Ammo Shop

Your weapons will run out of ammo when you fight in the arena. Buy more ammo in the ammo shop.

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Weapon Shop

Buy stronger weapons to defeat stronger enemy’s.


Buy firewalls to increase your defence. A strong defence is required to battle higher levels of NPC’s or real players in the arena.

Our gallery

Our gallery


Here you find valuable Items that are only for sale for a short time during an event. Be sure to use any chance to get your hands on all of these items.


Become a stronger player by increasing your stats. Fight NPC’s and real players to earn XP, Points and rewards to increase your skills.

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Equipment shop

You can only equip a certain amount of items. You currently have 2 slots for equipment items.


Increasing your skills will make your fighter stronger. Do more damage on each attack or upgrade your fighter to be faster. Many possibility’s to increase those skills.


Join the weekly competition to win big prices, play smart to defeat strong enemy’s.
Note: Check ingame to see current Starttime/Endtime for this weeks competition.

Daily Challenge

Finish this challenge to get a bigger reward every day!
Get your portion of free Satoshi, Cryptos, Credits, Ammo and Medipacks!
Be sure to finish this challenge every day!


Upcoming event: Events are announched 2-7 day’s in advance.
Check frequently so you don’t miss the next event.

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