Crypto gaming has become the new way to earn cryptocurrencies.
Instead of wasting your time on normal games, crypto games will pay you for having fun while playing, leveling and achieving goals.
Over the years, each game has been carefully tested and reviewed.
With this knowledge, startcryptogame provides you with a selection of the most fun and highest paying games the cryptocurrency industry has to offer.
Check out each individual page for more information, a detailed guide and proof of payments.


STARCOINS                                     Explore space in this fun and addictive game. Pick a battleship and battle NPCs or earn coins by defeating other players. Withdraw coins to 17 different currencies or convert them in to PTC advertising.    Read more

MYPROFITLAND                                        Real economics game with huge earning potentials. Start jobs to earn a wage, build companiess and let others work for you. Play as a warrior and conquer regions while waging war against other countries.       Read more

ROLLERCOIN                                          Play 1 of 8 classic retro games like ”Arkanoid” and get paid while having fun. Build mining rigs to increase your earnings and secure your share of the mining pool. New games are added frequently.                Read more

CRYPTOMININGGAME                             Collect cards and explore the in game world of CMG or play the fun mini games. Build your mining power by doing jobs, complete missions and open crates. Play and mine CMGs official ERC20 token on auto-pilot.      Read more


???                                                       A new game will be added soon

MARKET GLORY                              Political, economic, social and military strategy game. Option to convert virtual currency into cash. You have the possibility to fight, work, open companies or start wars. This game has huge earning potentials.    Read more

VALERIAN UNIVERSE                                Planets, Battle Cruisers, Drones, Rebels, and more awaits you in this turn-based space strategy game. Each currency can be traded between players, withdrawn, deposited or used in the in-game exchange. Read more

BTC MINES                                                A new kind of game where you collect apples to feed your miners in order to earn x amount of satoshi each hour. This game does not use CPU power. The highest payout rates and no minimum withdrawal.                                 Read more


GOAL TYCOON                                  Online football browser game. Manage a team, train your players, trade seniors, compete in National Cups and Championships. Convert virtual gold to Euro and withdraw cash easily.             Read more

CLICK FIGHT                                     Competitive arena game. Attack software and earn Satoshi, Credits, DarknetEnergy and more. Defeat other players, enter competitions or complete daily challenges to recieve large rewards.                          Read more

HITBITS                                               Join the arena and fight different monsters, level up, purchase items and become stronger. Hire mercenaries to increase your power and claim multiple rewards. Faucet, boosts, chat and more available.               Read more

SPLINTERLANDS                                      A collectible, tradable and bet-able digital card game on Steem Blockchain. Purchase packs with cryptocurrencies or PayPal and wager them in matches to earn more money. Receive 10% Steem on each purchase.      Read more


CRYPTO ASSAULT                              Military strategy game that uses ERC-721 tokens as collectible vehicles and troops. Battle other players and conquer ground to receive ETH rewards. Purchase packs to find Rare, Epic or Legendary items.            Read more

NEXT COLONY                                    Explore undiscovered space in this
STEAM powered game. Find and colonize new planets while battling for honor and resources. Get easy STEAM rewards for playing.                                                     Read more

DIGIMON BITCOIN                              Feed your Digimon, fight and do battles to win rewards such as Bitcoin, Gems, Magic points and experience. Win between 35 and 400 satoshi for each battle you win against another player.                                    Read more

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