Digimon BTC is an online faucet game wich offers the ability to earn Bitcoin in a fun way.
Feed your Digimon, play with it and do battles to win rewards such as Bitcoin, Gems, Magic points and experience. 
You can win between 35 satoshi and 400 satoshi for each battle you win against another player.


Drinking is crucial. Let your Digimon drink to increase it’s health.


You need to feed your Digimon. This will increase it’s health significantly.


Your Digimon will be attacked while playing. Full health is required to win battles.


Battle enemy Digimons to receive rewards. Incease your Gems, Coin balance and Experience.


Upgrade will increase health by 50% and attack damage 50% to fight stronger enemy’s.


This health upgrade will increase the maximum health of your Digimon by 50.


This upgrade can be used during battles causing higher damage against enemy’s.


Gems can be used to buy Upgrade, Heal, Magic or get a stronger Digimon.

Choose your Digimon

You can choose 2 different Digimon when you start and unlock 4 more. Each Digimon has different stats.
Earn Gems and gather experience to choose to unlock the one that suits you best.


Doing quests will increase your experience. You also have a chance to win rewards such as Gems, Magic and Coins.


There is a daily and weekly contest you can join.
The daily contest will reset every 20 hours. Gems, Balance coins and Experience can be won by fighting and winning battles against enemy’s.
You will win a random number of Experience after each battle.


Recruit a friend and recieve
10% on health
10% on Gem purchase
20% of Coin balance

Proof of payments

Tested & Approved

Save & Secure withdrawal