This faucet has a special kind of mechanic, receive auto claims for every task you complete.
You can use those auto claims to collect 1-13 crypto coins on auto pilot.
Firefaucet rewards users royaly when spending time on the faucet.
This is how :
Every time you claim, do an offer, mine coins or your referral does any of those things, you will get Activity Points.
You need Activity Points to level up, recieve +2 satoshi bonus on each level.

Earn up to 2 BTC Bonus Level !

scroll down for more detailS, a guide & proof of paymentS


Collect as many activity points as possible, level up and unlock those rewards.
Shortlinks are the most profitable with 50 points each.
Recieve 20% referral commission on all coins earned.

You can exchange all referral earnings to one coin instantly.

Adjust settings before claiming

1. Select “Faster” option
2. Set payout timer to 1 Minute


Select “10 minute payout” and “Longer” if you have a Faucethub wallet. This will ensure you to level up much faster on Faucethub.


If you don’t like shortlinks or captcha then this is the best way to earn free claims and collect activity points.If the miner does not work, turn off your anti-virus.

Go get your Daily Gift

Up to 100 free claims

Proof of payments

Tested & Approved

  • No minimum to withdraw
  •  Withdraw to Faucethub with zero fee

Fast & Secure

  • Faucethub is required
  • All coins are transfered instantly
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