There is no such thing as too much information in today’s business landscape.
Businesses and organizations will do anything to access information that would improve their chances of edging competitors.
Information sourcing and disseminating platforms have always played critical roles in the global economy. The same is true for the crypto economy.
It is a known fact that participants can only go as far as the quality of insight they possess.
This is where cryptocurrency news websites enter the fray, so let me help you save your precious time.
Startcryptogame provides the best social cryptocurrency platforms which will keep you up-to-date about
the latest news and developments in the crypto industry.


BITCOINTALK                                Online forum that allows users to discuss everything related to Bitcoin and Altcoins. Keep track of the latest news related while they even hosts a marketplace to conduct trades, transactions, and promotions.

BEERMONEYFORUM                             A paid-to-post forum dedicated to the discussion of making money online. Users are able to learn about new sites, programs and methods whilst earning money when contributing to the forum.

BITCOIN.COM                                         A Bitcoin related outlet providing a number of Bitcoin services and a mobile wallet. Also features cryptocurrency news, various tools, widgets and charts, an online shop, and online gambling.

OVERCLOCKERS                                     A massive data base forum from the UK for everything related to computing. Hop over to the “Distributed Computing” section for crypto related topics. Find blockchain related discussion you could ever dream of.


BINANCE                                        Binance has an ever-active Twitter page of roughly 900.000 followers. Regular tweets which suggests that Binance users are always in-the-know when it comes to information updates.

CHANGPENG ZHAO                               This is the verified twitter page of the CEO of Binance. His page is very active as he tweets on a regular basis. The page is spiced up, as it also includes talks about sports and etertainment.

VITALIK BUTERIN                                    A Russian-Canadian programmer and writer who is best known for creating Ethereum, which has been called “the world’s hottest new cryptocurrency“. Get useful news and information from his Twitter page.

JOHN MCAFEE                                McAfees Twitter page is hilarious and his tweets have the tendency to make someone come back to his page and read more tweets. Asides the fact his page is entertaining, it is also informative.


DATADASH                                           Anything crypto related can be found here. Such as reviews, news, data analysis, science, mining, trading strategies, rumors, trends etc. Includes daily update videos to discuss the markets.       

ALTCOIN BUZZ                                     A variety of crypto related information. Main categories are news, technical analysis, trading strategies, ICO reviews, live crypto discussions, and Altcoin Buzz’s own Podcast.

BINANCE                                                The largest crypto exchange also has an active YouTube channel. Outside of meetup videos, there are also promotional videos such as trading competitions. Previews useful tools and features for Binance users.

CRYPT0                                                    Content in this channel can be about everything crypto related while they add their opinions to it. You will also find reposted videos with useful commentary from other sources like news releases and speeches.


BINANCE                                           Binance is not a random cryptocurrency channel. it is one of the largest and highest rated. Get up-to-date information from the company about recent happenings relating to Blockchain, Crypto Asset Exchange and Blockchain tech.

BITCOIN MAGAZINE                              The first magazine dedicated to crypto. Keeps you posted on the latest news about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They give past events, present happenings and predict the crypto market from statistics and analysis. 

COLLECTORS CLUB                                 A club available as a channel and open to beginners, enthusiasts and professional. A platform designed for interactions relating to crypto trading. Members can raise a topic from facts of opinions, which are usually discussed extensively. 

BITCOINCHART                                          If you are a Bitcoin investor or trader and you really wish to get the best and up to date information relating to bitcoin rates, exchange, mining, advertisements, and values, then opt to join Bitcoinchart on Facebook.


BITCOIN MAGAZINE                              A platform where periodical publications on Bitcoin are displayed. There are several types of Bitcoin or crypto magazines on the site with each one of them having their credit to their publisher.

21CRYPTOS                                          This The leading subscription magazine for the cryptocurrency, blockchain and fintech industry, with over 100+ pages and features from over 20 leading experts, public figures and traders.

THE CRYPTO MAGAZINE                           Publications made on this site have been grouped into categories for publications including; Analysis, Insight, Blockchain, Technology and much more. These are well-organized and their structure is topnotch.

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