Freebitco is operating and paying since 2013 and is known as the best wallet to store your Bitcoin.
Why is that ? They offer a 4.08% yearly interest and paying out daily.
Not only do they offer a highly secured wallet,
you can also bet on movie outcomes, UEFA cup, Bitcoin prices, UFC fights and so much more.
Over 500 million tickets are bought for lottery each month, resulting in the biggest Bitcoin prices you can win.
Save reward points and encash them for an APPLE IPHONE XS MAX or other electronics.

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TIP : Don't play multiplayer game if you are not a pro, the house always has advantage !


The maximum you can win every roll is worth $200 and the bitcoin amount will adjust accordingly at the current price.
This simple step can be done 24 times a day, since the ROLL button is reset every hour.

Additionally, for each roll you will also win lottery tickets and reward points redeemable for incredible prizes.
The lottery draw is held every week and you can win spectacular prizes. As for the points, they can be exchanged directly by Bitcoins or by gifts.


The only requirement is to keep at least a balance of 0.0003 BTC in your account.
This way you will generate a daily interest of approximately 0.0109589% which makes an annual interest of 4.08%.
Obviously the more balance you hold in your account without withdrawing the earnings derived from the interest will be higher.


In the section ‘Rewards’ you can redeem the Reward Points that are obtained through the faucet, the game or through referrals.
These points can be exchanged for different rewards: electronic gadgets, hardware wallets and gift cards.

You can also exchange these points for tickets for the lottery or claims with bonus in the faucet. Another alternative is to change the points by satoshis directly.


One of the strengths of this page without a doubt is its referral system.
With a good network of active referrals, your daily earnings will increase considerably.


Another way to get free bitcoin is by ‘Contest”. This is a monthly contest where the total prize is $30,000.
To win in the first contest, which the total prize is $20,000, you must be included to the top 10 rank of users with the highest wagering volume for the month.
Meaning your total wager in ‘Multiply Btc’ should be the top 10 highest among all the players.

And to win the second contest which is the referral contest with prizes total of $10,000, you must be included to the rank of top 10 users with combined wagering amount of their referrals.


The golden ticket contest will run for 6 months. After the contest ends, a provably fair lottery drawing will be conducted to pick the lucky winner.
The lucky winner will win a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 with delivery to the USA. If the winner wants the car in any other country, they will need to pay the excess shipping costs and any applicable taxes or fees.
The winner can also opt to receive $ 200,000 instead of the car, paid in bitcoins using the exchange rate after the lottery drawing has been done.