What is hitbits

Hitbits is an RPG themed money making game where you can take part in raids. You can fight against bosses, hire mercenaries or solve tasks in order to earn coins, gold and credits.

how to earn

First you need to understand what you can do with the different types of currencies in the game. You have Gold, Tokens, Credits, and Food. Gold is the currency used in the marketplace to buy potions and more. Tokens are used the most on the site, you need tokens to buy mercenaries that will give you credits during 30-90 days depending on the mercenary you bought. Keep in mind that you need Food to keep them working for you.


There are two different ways to earn credits. The first way is to convert tokens to credits. The second way is to buy mercenaries that will get you credits every hour.


Tokens are very important in the game. You can use the faucet every 15 minutes to earn around 5-15 tokens per claim.

The second way to earn tokens is to join boss raids and do as much damage as possible. The bigger your part of the damage, the more tokens you earn when the boss is defeated. Don’t forget to complete offers and shortlinks to earn more.

boss raids

Boss raids are a big part of the game. You can fight against a boss to earn gold, tokens and XP. The purple numbers display the level of boss you are able to fight.


Food is important if you want to hire mercenaries. The only way to obtain food is by converting tokens into food. Every mercenary uses 2 food per hour which means 48 food per day. For a 30-day mercenary you will need 1440 food. That equals 27 tokens.

60-day mercenary uses 2880 food that equals 54 tokens.

90-day mercenary uses 4320 food that’s equals 80 tokens.

120-day mercenary uses 5760 food that equals 117 tokens.


You will need energy points to hit the boss. Your energy is restored with 2 points every 2 minutes and your health with 5 points.

You will have to upgrade to get stronger. Every time you level up, you will get 8 free points that you can assign to any skill.

skill points

You will be rewarded by 1 skill point every 15 levels. you can assign those to different types of skills that will boost your income or power. Resetting your skill points requires 200 Tokens.

referral program

There is a referral program that will get you 25% of the faucet claims5-10% from the offerwall earnings and 5% chance to get an item drop.


You can withdraw your earnings when you have reached 25.000 credits (5000 tokens). There are 3 types of withdrawal. You can withdraw directly to your Bitcoin wallet or to Express Crypto and soon Dogecoin! Payments are usually send weekend but in some cases, it can take up to 2 weeks.

Join our forum and check out the Hitbits withdraw proof section to see proof of earnings.