Gettefrone combines 207 Litecoin faucets and made a system for users to claim them all at once in just 1 click!
Your first faucet is free. Claim Litecoin every 60 minutes and save up balance to buy 2nd faucet.


Use Gettefrone’s build in robot to claim your faucets on auto-pilot.
You don’t have to worry about anything
while the robot does everything.
Available for 6 months, 1 year or 2 years.


Share your affiliate link
and earn 0.50% commission. Your potential commission can easily grow to 0.50% x 207 = 103% (1 person), if your affiliate has 207 faucets he is claiming from.


Claim from 1 mini faucets every 30 minutes


You can add up to 207 LTC faucets and claim them all at once.
Below are the prices to add more faucets. More options are available @ Gettefrone.

+2 Faucets

Per claim : 0.00007337 LTC
Daily : 0.00352158 LTC
Monthly 0.10564742 LTC
Price per faucet : 0.1834 LTC
0.1559 LTC

0.3668 LTC   0.3118 LTC


+22 Faucets

Per claim : 0.00080703 LTC
Daily : 0.03873739 LTC
Monthly 1.16212167 LTC
Price per faucet : 0.1334 LTC
0.1000 LTC

2.9347 LTC   0.3118 LTC

+42 Faucets

Per claim : 0.00154069 LTC
Daily : 0.07395320 LTC
Monthly 2.21859591 LTC
Price per faucet : 0.1223 LTC
0.0795 LTC

5.1356 LTC   3.3382 LTC


This robot can save you a lot of time and does all the effords for you.
It gives you an opportunity to build a steady income source without spending hours behind your screen.
Get this robot after u added a few faucets to your claiming list.

+180 Days

Price : 0,0439 LTC

+360 Days

Price : 0,0549 LTC

+720 Days

Price : 0,0622 LTC


Hold some Litecoin and get a % interest on your balance daily.
There are not many Litecoin faucets that give you interest on holding a balance.
Benefit from this opportunity and transfer your stocked Litecoin to Gettefrone.
If you have second doubts, do some tests with a smaller amount first.

Gettefrone is also listed on the Faucet Collector Bot.
You can claim 1 free faucet on Gettefrone 24/7 with FC Bot.

Click HERE for more information on Faucet Collector Bot

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