Paid advertising

If your goal is to build big referral teams and collect a lot of commission, then paid advertising is what you need.
The list below shows high traffic networks to advertise your favorite websites an receive a lot of crypto related visitors.

Each site has been personally reviewed and selected as the best advertising sites in the crypto industry.

Bitcoin banner and pop-up advertising. Over 8.2 billion impressions served in the last 30 day's. Lowest fee's arround - only 10% for network campaign and 0% for direct campaigns.
Mellow Ads
Advertising network
Create your bitcoin advertising in less then 30 seconds without signing up. Users are given the choice of withdrawing to an A-ADS account or directly to a Bitcoin address.
Advertising network
Want large traffic volume? All publishers are long standing, high alexa / high traffic, trusted websites. buy 100k impressions and you receive them with full transparency and data.
Bulk advertising
Cheapest traffic source you will find.
Start advertising at only $0.50 for 1000 views! On top of that you can mine and leave your window open to receive 0.0003 USD every minute. Use CPU as a third earning option.
Traffic & Mining network
Coinbulb is a pay to click website with
a high number of traffic on
a daily base. Purchase Surf Ads
or Active Window Ads to display your website. Guaranteed a high number of crypto related visitors.
PTC & Ads Network
Cryptocoinsad is one of my favorite advertising networks. Chose between 4 different banner sized and a pop-up and start driving massive traffic to your website. Only 0.001 BTC for 100.000 views. Guaranteed sign ups.
Advertising network