RollerCoin is an online Bitcoin mining simulator game.
The core idea of the game is a distribution of the block reward between players depending on their mining power – just like with real Bitcoin mining. Grow your Mining Power by playing games, complete tasks or purchase stationairy miners that will produce a passive income.


Build up your miner power playing games, reaching high scores and completing tasks.
Earn more money as you increase your mining power.
Buy miners at the in-game shop to get stable income.


Slide the deck to stack two matching coins, every merge creates the coin of higher rank. You are playing against the clock, so better think fast! All ranks are listed on the right side. Caution: highly addictive.

Click on the miner to check which coin it has been working for.
Try matching the coins to clear them all out and earn the remaining hashrate.


Chose your favorite game above and start earning Mining Power.
Buy more from earned coins and
establish a stable and passive income.


Establish your name in the leaderboard and become one of the big earnings on Rollercoin.
Top 10 is possible in less then 2 months IF you can spend enough time playing games all day 🙂

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