Is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).
Awards players various in game resources for their efforts that can be used to accumulate Dark Matter.
Dark Matter, can be exchange for the real-world cryptocurrencies Monero (XMR), ZCash (ZEC), Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin(DOGE),
and Litecoin(LTC) with the in-game exchange.
The game also features an auto-faucet that players may use to gain cryptocurrencies.
Upgrade your Spaceship and increase the level of your character to become more competitive. There are many ways to earn resources in Starcoins.
Check them out below !

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This is your overview. Here you can access Jobs, Battlezone, Resources, Shipyard and Merchant.


Buy a battleship in the shipyard and upgrade it to battle other players. Make sure you get free ”Hull” every 30 minutes.


Chose job “lucky worker” to earn between 10-130 free DM. It takes 55 minutes to complete your job. Many other job’s available.

mINE resources

Here you have access to shortlinks, offerswall and more. Mine Crystal,Energy and Metal wich is used ingame for exploring/DM reactors/Battleship/Battlezone.


Send your ship in space for search of Darkmatter, Deuterium, Metal and Crystal. Expeditions can last from 10 to 30 minutes. Bonus for daily activity.

explore space

You can find Darkmatter when exploring space. It will cost Deuterium and Energy. Be to coward and get low amounts of Darkmatter, be too greedy and lose all.

Build a reactor

Go to “Resources” then look for the “Deploy more DM reactors” tab. You can deploy DM reactors and get a total return after 30 days between 110% and 150%.


Boost your chances by upgrading your battleship in shipyard. You can attack 20x a day. You can attack every 9 minutes. You can be attacked every 3 minutes.

planet rewards

Select your favorite coin and click explore. You will get the reward on every x selected time. Explore Planet is the equivalent of well known “autofaucets”.

Win 100.000 Satoshi

Recieve 3 free spins every 2 hours and take your chance to win the jackpot


Starcoins is a great way to advertise the website of your choise.
Safe your coins and convert them to advertising views.
The advertised site should allow to be loaded in an iframe (Must use HTTPS).
The advertised site should not use frame breakers.
For each purchased ad view, you get one “unique” visitor (Faucethub user), every 24 hours.
You can choose how long you want the visitor to view your website.
Each view is FORCED. If the tab loses focus, the timer is stopped.

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