Meet Auto-Invest, a new product on Binance Earn that lets you easily buy and grow your crypto. You can now use your stablecoin balance to schedule and execute recurring crypto buys on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and take the guesswork out of buying crypto. While this is similar to the existing Recurring Buy feature, Auto-Invest requires users to fund their scheduled buys using a qualifying stablecoin balance. However, as an added bonus, Auto-Invest will automatically enroll your crypto to Binance Earn’s existing Flexible Savings product, to generate additional APY rewards. 

Auto-Invest is the latest addition to Binance Earn, our one-stop hub for anyone looking to grow their crypto assets with minimal effort. Find out if this feature is right for you and learn how to schedule your plan in seconds. 

Why Choose Auto-Invest ?

Enter Auto-Invest, which allows users to set recurring crypto buys, similar to how users would deploy a DCA strategy, and adds further incentives in the form of APY rewards. You can choose your preferred interval to buy crypto, and purchased assets are automatically transferred to your Flexible Savings account, where you can earn up to 3% APY at the time of writing. Let’s take a closer look at what Flexible Savings is and what it does.

If you’re new to Binance Earn products, Flexible Savings is a financial product that allows users to lend and earn interest, essentially acting as your crypto savings account. Asset holders can subscribe their cryptocurrencies and receive interest in the form of Flexible Savings assets, similar to a typical fiat savings account, except with higher interest rates. For a detailed explanation of Flexible Savings, refer to this post.

Auto-Invest combines the best of both worlds and takes advantage of Flexible Savings so you can earn more from crypto even when you’re not actively investing or trading. The earlier you start on an Auto-Invest plan, the more time your assets have to grow on their own. 

Apart from automated buys and passive income earning, there are a few nifty Auto-Invest features that can help optimize your investments. Let’s take a look at how you can make the most out of Auto-Invest to work smarter, not harder.

1. Create your Auto-Invest plan

To start earning on autopilot, you will have to decide what, how, and when to buy. Currently, you can create a plan with BTC, ETH, or BNB, and designate a fixed amount of USDT or BUSD stablecoins from your Spot and/or Flexible Savings balance as funds for your plan. If you’re completely new to crypto, you can start buying BUSD with cash before creating your plan. Finally, once you schedule a specific time and choose a recurring cycle of daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you’re all set to start earning!

2. Monitor and manage your plans

You can create multiple plans to earn interest on different cryptocurrencies. These plans can be easily monitored and managed on a single page.

The overview page shows all of your Auto-Invest plans that you have created, allowing you to quickly check your unrealized gain and losses, ROI percentage and next Auto-Invest Date for efficient portfolio management. Use this overview to understand your profits and losses better, and decide which asset is performing better at any moment. Auto-Invest plans can be adjusted, paused, or removed any time, so you can adjust your plans according to market conditions to optimize your earnings.

3. Withdraw anytime

Because the Auto-Invest plan combines a regular buy feature and Flexible Savings, users enjoy all the benefits of Flexible Savings. Apart from being a lower risk alternative to trading cryptocurrencies without a Principal Guarantee, Flexible Savings allows you to withdraw your funds instantly whenever you need them.

Accumulate Crypto With Auto-Invest And Enjoy Passive Income 

If you are a beginner in crypto investing, interested in passive income streams, or are a HODLer, consider the new Auto-Invest plan to turn your savings into wealth. It’s useful for reducing risk from short-term market volatility and for building your portfolio steadily in the long-term. And remember, the sooner you get into the game of DCA and wealth accumulation, the more time your assets will have to make money for you. There’s no better time to create your Auto-Invest plan than today.