Faucetcrypto is developed and launched in October 2019 to introduce new people to the cryptocurrency world by giving free coins for completing simple tasks. It has a simular concept to an RPG game. What makes FaucetCrypto different then any other faucet is the reward system. You can use items, sell items on the market to real players and level up. Whatever you do in Faucetcrypto, you will be rewarded experience points and rise in level with these experience points. You will enjoy better perks and increase your average earnings every time you level up!


The main way to earn from Faucetcrypto is ofcourse claiming from their faucet. You are required to wait 30 minutes between every claim, but you can use items like time boosters (after you find one) to shorten the waiting time. When time is up, answer a captcha and wait for 10 seconds to claim the free coin. However, you can skip the captcha if the system has already verified that you are a human. This process is usually possible afer you claimed a few times.

ptc & shortlinks

You can also earn some coins by clicking and viewing the advertisements under the PTC ads section. Once you click on the ad, wait for 10 seconds. Once the timer is up, click on the continue button and you will be redirected to the advertised website. Depending on the ad you click, wait for 16 or 40 seconds to be eligible for the claim. However, the window is required to be in focus all the time. There is a limit to PTC advertisements you can click and it will be refreshed every day.

You can also choose to click on shortlinks to earn some coins. Simular to the Faucet, wait for 15 seconds before you are redirected to the shortlink to claim your coins.

referral commission

You get 20% of what your referrals earn from any activities they completed. This is a bonus from Faucetcrypto so don’t worry that your referrals get less. They still get the same earnings as stated in the tasks. You can even buy a boost item to increase the referral earning percentage. But before that, you must first have some recruits so that you can reap the most from the boosters.

offerwalls & surveys

Offerwalls are like their paid surveys. You can unlock this option once you’ve leveled up your account to level 20. For those not familiar with offerwalls, they are basically in-site advertising platforms that promote specific websites and mobile apps through their paid offers.

And these paid offers are actually just short tasks you can do to earn rewards. Usually, these paid offers will ask you to answer surveys or quizzes, watch videos, download mobile apps or register to websites.

Each offer will indicate how many coins you will get. To start working on an offer, just click an offer you are interested in doing and it will display the requirements/steps you need to follow. Make sure to read and understand what each offer is asking you to do because if you miss one requirement or step, you won’t be able to complete the offer and you won’t earn the reward.

Once you’ve completed the reward, you will receive the reward as well as XP points (the number of XP points you will receive will depend on the offer).


Challenges are like bonus rewards for being active on the site. There are Permanent challenges and Rotative challenges. Permanent challenges will take longer to complete but you will eventually complete them as long as you stay active on the site. As for the rotative challenges, they have a deadline, so you will have to prioritize these challenges if you want to claim the reward.

Most challenges will require you to do a certain number of a specific task. For example, if the task requires you to earn 200 coins, that means you have to complete any paid offers on offerwalls to reach those 200 coins. Once you have earned 200 coins, go back to the challenge page and claim the reward before the deadline. Once the deadline passes, you will miss the chance to claim the reward.

item boosts

There’s a chance that you will be rewarded with an item each earning opportunity you complete. This item will have a specific property just as in an RPG game. For example, a common commission bracelet will allow you to receive an additional 2% from referral commissions which will last for 60 commissions. The bonus will depend on the rarity of the item. And the good thing is, you can sell these items on their marketplace for additional coins.

It’s a nice addition to their reward system and it helps give off a unique vibe to the site. It’s actually the first time someone uses this kind of addition to a PTC site.


You are rewarded with coins for every activity completed on the site and eventually use them to redeem for your favorite cryptocurrency. At the point of writing, they currently supports 18 crypto currencies. Depending on the supported mode of payment, you can withdraw either directly to your wallet address or the micro wallet FaucetPay.io