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what is cryptotab

CryptoTab is based on the Chromium platform, with an additional built-in mining mechanism and features that facilitate web browsing and BTC earning. Users can choose to mine by themselves or join the Affiliate Program and get benefits from referral fees by sharing a personal link. CryptoTab can be installed on desktops or mobile devices. Users can create a mining network, accelerate their hashrate with Cloud.Boost, a browsing extension, and withdraw funds to their wallet when needed.

how much can you earn

As a single user of CryptoTab, you certainly won’t get rich, but the app won’t cost you anything. You can run the app while surfing the Internet and get some Satoshi.

The fun really starts when you also recruit friends and partners for the app. Ofcourse, the amount of your mining also depends on the processing power of your computer. Gaming PCs or a MacBook Pro are particularly well suited for mining. However, you should not forget that your computer may consume a little more power than usual due to mining.

How much you can earn really depends on how many referrals you recruit. CryptoTab has an insane 10 level deep commission system that gives a real opportunity for passive income.

mining nft’s

CryptoTabs offer Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from based on the Cryptobot character. Some of the CryptoBot Non-fungible tokens give their owners a chance to interact with CryptoTab and its community in various ways. You can mine NFT on the platform, purchase an NFT from CryptoTab on OpenSea, and get extra hashrate for mining in CryptoTab Browser on your Windows or macOS devices. You can connect different tokens to your accounts as well.

cryptotab farming

CryptoTab Farm is the fastest and easiest way to get a powerful mining setup using your laptop or PC. Adjust and manage the entire farm or a single miner with a simple and convenient app or from the web. Gain profit 24/7 and withdraw funds at any time with no limits and no commission.

Easy to install: Download CryptoTab Farm app or sign in from a browser to get instant access to the mining farm dashboard. Start mining in just a few clicks.

Quick withdrawals: Request withdrawals at any moment an unlimited number of times per day. No commission and no restrictions!

Be secured: You can be sure that you have access to your earnings any time you want. Sign in with your preferred social network account: Google, Facebook, Twitter, or VK.

Full control: Track performance, adjust settings, or create a mining schedule to achieve better results.

Free to try: Activate a trial and add one real miner for free.

referral earnings

The amount of your earnings depends on how many referrals you brought in and how often you shared your personal referral link in social networks. The referral program includes up to 10 levels deep. You can see a breakdown below describing your commission from friends’ mining activity by level. As you can see there is a lot of potential to establish a real income source.

other coins

CryptoTab software mines Monero (XMR) and converts Monero to Bitcoin according to current exchange rate. That’s why your balance is displayed in BTC. At the moment, this is the only cryptocurrency they offer as it’s the most popular one, apparently they are working on new alternatives and will update about it as soon as new coins are available for mining with CryptoTab Browser.

how to get referrals

There are many ways you can get more referrals and boost your mining results. Being proactive and taking initiatives will increase your chances of earning big money.

Share your personal referral link to your friends and let your friends share it further, spread knowledge in social networks you use every day. If you are happy with the software and service, then tell your friends much you like CryptoTab Browser and recommend it highly.

In addition, if you are interested to boost your earnings from mining, you can buy traffic and advertise your referral link on websites such as Cointiply in the form of PTC ads, or traffic sites such as, and your income will grow very fast.

promo materials

Promotional materials are a great way to advertise CryptoTab Browser in social media and generate more referrals.

To get started with CryptoTab Browser promotion, simply go to ”Links and Promo” sections on the top of the CryptoTab website.

You can choose among a large variety of creative landing pages and different size banners to start your promotion campaign. If you want to have more than one personal referral link, you can create additional links to track different traffic sources and metrics to better understand conversion rate.

If you are new to Bitcoins or cryptocurrency but you want to get involved, CryptoTab is a great place to start. It is 100% free and there are plenty of options to increase your mining power such as Farming or Mining NFT’s. Besides that, the 10-level deep referral system easily outweights all negative points about CryptoTab, and is a deal maker for even the veteran crypto users. Those that are willing to put some efford in to building a team, will find themselve in a profitable long-term position.
the good
10 Lvl Referral System
Rent Computer Power
No Investment Required
NFT Mining
Crypto Farming
the bad
Low Earnings
BTC Mining Only
Uses Electricity
Captcha Every 3 Hours

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