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There are so many cool things happening at PipeFlare right now, it’s hard to narrow them down! Here are the top 3 things we’ve been working on this week:

Pyro’s Vault NFT – Coming Soon: Check out the upcoming NFT, Pyro’s Vault. With Pyro’s Vault, you will get 1,000 1FLR Tokens DAILY for 365 days! PipeFlare has so many ways to utilize your 1FLR Tokens. How will you use them? Stay tuned for more updates.

Battle Pass Update: The next Battle Pass Competition will be on August 22-26. Pipeflare is excited to announce that this Battle Pass Competition will be FLARE PINBALL! Compete for up to $6,000 in prize money. You can purchase Battle Pass on the Pipeflare Platform.

Rock Paper Scissors Airdrop: There are 8 days left until the first Rock Paper Scissors Airdrop. There’s still plenty of time to become eligible! Play 3,000 hands of Rock Paper Scissors to become eligible for this month’s $300 airdrop.

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