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what is gala games

Gala Games is a video game platform like Steam, PlayStation Store or Xbox Store, but unlike these platforms, Gala Games doesn’t rely on traditional video games but on projects that combine P2E mechanics, NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi). Gamers can play freely and earn money just by playing.

A major feature of the platform is that players themselves decide which games to add to Gala Games. Voting is done among all Gala nodes and any player can create a node using their PC. In addition to the choice of the game, users are also able to influence the development of the platform itself such as features to add and where it is better to direct the efforts of developers, like creating new games, improving the interface or fixing bugs.

The company was created by Eric Schiermeyer (CEO) who has a strong track record in the gaming sector, having been a co-founder of Zynga games, as well as being involved in a number of other successful start-ups. Many of the team at Gala Games have experience in game development and they have a number of exciting games currently in development.

what are gala nodes

One way to generate significant rewards through Gala Games is to buy a node license, which are special network nodes that have governance rights on the platform. Founder’s nodes vote on fundamental issues for the app, such as which games to introduce and how the reward system in games should work. There is a high cost for buying one of these licenses but the rewards are significant, and can potentially result in node owners receiving hundreds of thousands of Gala coins. This reward is in exchange for helping the Gala Games network to grow and sustain itself, such as running the node to assist in the hosting of games. In addition to receiving Gala coins, node owners also receive a range of other rewards, such as NFT drops and more.

How it works

Nodes must be operated for at least 6 hours per day to qualify for the daily coin rewards. Downloading and installing the node software is very easy and it’s recommended to run the node 24 hours per day in order to make sure rewards aren’t missed. Nodes can be purchased through a free Gala Games account.

Nodes will eventually become NFT’s that can be sold on sites like The value of nodes once they become NFT’s is impossible to predict and they could be worth more or less than the value a node license was purchased for. Until such time that nodes become NFT’s they cannot be sold, although there is a refund policy that’s valid for the first 7 days after purchase.


There are many rewards provided to node owners, including;

1. Daily Gala coins

2. Random NFT drops

3. Voting rights

4. In-game coins (each game will have its own coin that will also be dropped to node owners)

how much does a gala node cost

There is a maximum of 50,000 nodes available, and around half of these have already sold (as at 12th March 2021). For every 100 nodes sold, the price increases by $500. The price of 1 node is currently at $18,000 and will propably keep increasing. You might feel like you missed out on the Gala Nodes, but keep in mind that each newly launched game on the Gala Platform will have it’s own Nodes and can be purchased at a considerable low price at launch.

4 ways to earn gala coin

Gala Games are helping to establish a redistribution of wealth and putting game ownership in the public domain. This means that anyone can potentially benefit from the growth of the company through playing the games, buying and holding the coins, or buying a node. Here are the 4 main ways that someone can receive Gala Coins;

1. Play The Games – the games are free to play and can be played on any device that has a web browser. Through gaming, you can earn/win gala coins and NFT’s in various ways. You can of course buy them too, and these assets will be yours (the game company cannot take them away from you) until you choose to trade them on the open market.

2. Invite People To Join – After you register a free account with Gala Games, you will be given a unique link that you can share with people. If they play the games or buy a node then you will receive a nice reward for introducing that person. The possibilities for this are huge, as it means you can invite game enthusiasts or crypto speculators alike and both will probably find this concept highly appealing. It also means you can potentially earn a good amount of Gala coins without spending a single cent yourself.

3. Own A Node – Node ownership is a crucial part of the infrastructure and node owners are currently receiving huge daily rewards in Gala coin and NFTs. There is more information about buying/holding a node below, but essentially new coins are released to node owners each day that can then be held in a wallet or exchanged for fiat currency on an exchange. NFTs are also randomly dropped to node owners, and these can have a very high value (thousands of dollars in some cases, depending on the NFT itself).

4. Buy Coins From An Exchange – Gala coins are currently very cheap and therefore hundreds or even thousands of coins can be purchased on an exchange for only a few dollars. The exchanges Gala coin can currently be traded on include Binance, Coinbase, Uniswap, Bitrue,, Kucoin and many more.

townstar game

Townstar is a Free-to-Play (F2P) & Play to Earn (P2E) town building and farming game. It already proved to be a very popular concept while millions adapted the game mechanics. It is the first play-to-earn game in the Gala Ecosystem and they are constantly learning and adapting the game and earning mechanics to keep it fun and sustainable. The in-game token is TOWN and can be earned in many different ways by playing the game. The native token of Townstar is called TOWN coin and can be used to buy new NFT’s, swap for Gala or sold and convert into fiat currency (USD, Euro’s, etc).


Spider Tanks is a PVP brawler that’s fast-paced, fun to play and has play-to-earn capabilities. The native token for this game is SILK although it isn’t released just yet.

You can play Spider Tanks for free or buy NFT’s to have a better chance of winning and earning more. There is a huge range of NFT’s available and it’s worth playing the game a little bit to see what kind of style you have before purchasing NFT’s, although if you accidentaly buy one you don’t want, you can easily sell it again on the secondary market. Interesting NFT’s for this game include Invincible Chickens, Sharks, and Snoop Dogg Lowriders.


Mirandus is an “RPG” set in a fantasy world full of hostile creatures and ruled by the so-called 5 player-monarchs. Like most RPGs, you will have to complete numerous questsfight more or less powerful monsters, but above all, lead your own adventure in a world with (almost) no limits.

You will also be able to define your own property titles and then claim certain virtual lands within this open world. These lands can then be used to build various commercial areas or any other foundations, ranging from small farms to gigantic cities. The major part of existing structures (houses, citadels, castles…) can be bought on Gala Games marketplace.

Mirandus gameplay universe screenshot
gala coin

Gala coin is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network, which means it has the ability to create and distribute rare and unique (or very limited supply) items that are authenticated on the blockchain and cannot be replicated or copied (authenticity is guaranteed). The coin can be won or purchased by gamers and then used in the game or used for purchasing NFT’s, which can also be used in the games or traded/sold on the secondary market.

More details about the Gala coin ecosystem can be found here –

Below are some examples of NFT’s currently available for the game Mirandus (not yet launched). You can see that many of these NFT’s have already sold out, showing just how popular these are. The popularity of these NFT’s is only set to rise as more games are released and more gamers join the network.

gala chain

Gala Chain is going to be the chain that supports their entire ecosystem, although it will still be operational with other chains, such as Ethereum. Currently in testing phase, with release expected in the second half of 2022. This blockchain will significantly enhance the offering from Gala because it means they won’t be reliant upon an external chain. Transaction fees are very high on Ethereum and it’s expected that their own chain will make trading their NFT’s much cheaper. Not only that, their chain could allow NFTs to be upgraded onchain. This is hugely important for NFT gaming because the value of an NFT can be enhanced over time by using it and giving it more power in the game, and therefore more value in the real world.

gala gold member

As a Gala Gold member, you pay a one-time fee (currently $50) and in return, you get access to an exclusive discord channel, early news and announcement (before it goes to the full community), early access to NFT’s, free NFT’s from time to time. 

If you’re serious about play to earn and want to get the most out of your Gala Games experience it’s worth the price.


Twice per year Gala Game host an event for fans called Galaverse. This is way more than just a convention, it’s a fully immersive and exciting experience filled with gaming, roll playing, live music, game releases, announcements and more.

Here is a snippet of what happened in Europe/Malta 2022 at the Galaverse Event!

The unique ecosystem strategy adopted by Gala Games will most likely contribute to the long-term success of this crypto project. Rather than focusing on a particular gaming title like its direct competitors, Gala Games has opted to cater to a larger audience by offering a variety of games on their platform. This is a smart choice as this enables Gala Games to set itself apart from others by providing not only a gaming service but also a digital distribution service.

Gala Games is still in its early stages and has a long way to go. However, it has the potential to become one of the most prominent cryptocurrency ventures in the blockchain gaming industry.
Gala’s Own Blockchain Server
F2P Options Available
In-game Rewards For Participation
Real Game Developing Company
Ethereum Chain = High Gas Fee 
Tough Market Competition
No Secondary Trading For Node Licenses

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