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what is myprofitland

Myprofitland is a strategic, economic and political game where everyone has the opportunity to build their own empire and establish a real income from scratch. The game closely resembles real life economics but on a smaller scale. The MPL world consists out of many countries that each have there own taxes, wages and political system. It is a complex game that holds many possibilties to build your riches, such as; becoming a company owner, building real estate, waging war to conquer regions, or you can buy your own country and control everything as you desire. The more you learn, the more options and opportunities you will discover to increase your income.

how to start

There are many different possibilities to earn in this game. But the most obvious way is to work for a company and receive a wage in return. You can work up to 3 times a day while each work shift takes 4 hours to complete. Working 3 days in a row will give you a workbonus. This bonus will be heavily depended on the country you are in. Just like in real life, you’ll need food and drinks to consume. Consuming products will increase your energy, which is the basics of this entire game. The higher your energy, the more you will earn. This does not apply to workers only, but to everyone!

When signing up at Myprofitland, the first thing you have to do is pick a country. Picking the right country is crucial, because each country has different wages, taxes and workbonus. It’s not possible to leave a country for 30 days after you join, so many people end up in a country that doesn’t pay a high workwage or workbonus, which directly effects their income.

Because Startcryptogame already established three countries in Myprofitland, we are able to give you an exclusive 50% discount on all products in the game. All you have to do is join BOLIVIA, ICELAND or ARGENTINA when signing up.

what is energy

Energy is one of the most important things in MPL because it determines your Productivity with your Economic Score, Skills and Bonus. Energy also determines the damage done in wars and the amount of gold you receive per active recruit. Energy does not increase by itself. You need to consume products from local or global market to increase energy up to 100% max. If you do not consume any products, your Energy will deplete slowly over time.

Energy will drop or increase based on the list below

Eating and Drinking will make your energy raise

Wearing Clothes will raise your energy based on its quality

Living in a House will raise your energy based on its size

Each hour it will drop by (Energy x ((Energy ÷ 5000 ) + 0,016))

Each time you attack or defend on a war, it will drop 5 points

Each time you work or clean a region, it will drop by 20%

the marketplaces

Local Goods Market

In the local market you can buy all the products that the local company owners are selling using your country currency.

Global Goods Market

In the global market you can buy products from outside your country. All prices are in gold and the companies that sell their products will pay 15% fee to the global market fund.

Financial Market

You can buy or sell euro, gold or the country currency on the Financial Market. In order to buy or sell currencies of other countries, you need to travel to those countries.

Recruits Auction

The recruiting auction is international which means you can trade recruits from all over the world, in gold. We recommend you take a look at the income report of that particular recruit before buying.

Real Estate Market

You can rent a house for a minimum of 1 day, maximum of 7 days and as long as you live in it you get its energy bonus. Players can rent more than one house but only one per country.

Company Auction

Here you can buy or sell a company. When you bid, you are withdrawn the sum from the account. If someone outbids you, the sum is given back into your account.

Medals Market

Here you can buy and sell collectable war medals from and to other players, in gold. You can check your medals, convert them to collectable medals, upgrage and sell collectable medals to war fund

Regions Market

Here you find a list of regions for sale all over the world. The region goes to the country where the buyer has citizenship. You can check the regions you own and set the price in the Left Menu → My Regions.

owning a company

There are 4 types of companies you can open in Myprofitland. Utility companies, Gathering companies, Service companies and Consumer companies. Each company has its own function and will use specific resources to create a product. A company owner needs to buy electricity, water and pay a wage to workers in order to run the bussiness.

The materials produced in a company can be used to create more local products or can be sold on the global market. The profit margin depends totally on the wage and taxes you pay in the country your company is located.

going to war

War is a very profitable option and therefor a major pilar of the MPL game. Each player can join a team of warriors and help them conquer regions by doing damage in that specific war. But becoming a warrior is not that simple. It requires knowledge and understanding of the game. You’ll also need to buy a weapon set, and have some extra gold to buy consumables to increase your energy.

Warriors that maintain 350.000 damage in the past 48h can enable the War Specialist Status. This status enables a small icon next to your name and the possibility of drinking beer and wine twice as much as regular citizens.

skill points

Skills help you become more efficient when working, increasing your productivity, everytime you work you gain a skill point towards the skill related to the job your doing. These points are not lost overtime. Skill points can only increase up to 100 points for each skill and 300 points overall, so you cant master all skills at the same time. There are 3 books that can be used to enhance specific skill points.

Work Ethics Course

The Work Ethics Course offers a gain of 20 Economic Score Points for players with ES scores under 50

Efficiency Book

The Efficiency Book offers a gain of 20 Economic Score Points for players with ES scores of 99 or 100

Learning Book

The Learning Book offers a gain of 50 Work Skill Points

If a player uses your link to register on MPL, he will become your recruit for a period of 90 days. You can continuesly extend the period with another 30 days at a cost of 0.5 Euro. Your recruit will pay up to 15% tax on each ingame income, depending on your energy. Also when a referral deposits Euro in his game account, you will receive 10% of the amount deposited. It can be very profitable when holding several recruits who are company owners or warriors. Imagine having a recruit that buys his own country!

Referral Rights

Every player on MPL is a recruit of someone since day one. You can bid on the rights of becoming the recruiter of ALL new players that register without a referral link, for an entire month. This mean hundreds of recruits every month without any extra effort. But it aint always cheap. The Referral Right auction is usually sold between 300-600€ depending on which month the auction is held.

Recruits Auction

The recruit market is the place where you can buy or sell recruits in gold. Gold is taken from your account when placing a bid, but is returned when someone outbids you. Auctions last for atleast 24h, if a user bids in the last 3min. before the auction ends, it will be prolonged with another 3min. The new recruit will come with a 24h lock, so you have time to extend the license.

Myprofitland is an advanced and profitable strategy game IF you know what you are doing. The game is heavily choice dependend. This means making a lot of mistakes in the beginning, will cost you a lot of time. None the less, if you do make the right decisions and learn the game before diving in with both feet, you end up making a decent profit overall. The free company when you sign up will get your feet wet. Is this a game for you? Then you can decide to purchase more companies later or even buy your own country and let others work for you.
the good
Free Company at Sign-up
Game is 4+ Years Old
Large Community
Private Country Option
the bad
Unknown Developers
20% Withdrawal Fee
Withdrawal threshold

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