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Hello there, Rollers!

Ready for a new update? Let’s start with a poem:

I’m a hamster-leprechaun,
Short and green,
I hide clovers in our socials,
So they can’t be seen.

Can you find them all?
Are you ready to play?
Good luck to everyone,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Start the celebration of the Saint Patrick’s Day Event with the new Clover-n’-Over miner! Limited to only 2000 pieces for the whole game, making this miner a must have in your mining collection.

But there is more… Rollercoin reworked the RTL Lucky Crate. They did not only lower the price from 10 to 5 RTL but also changed the probabilities to make it more fair and balanced.

Here is the list of rewards probablity for the updated Lucky 1000 RTL Case:

The amount of cases in the Store is unlimited! Try your luck to win 200 times more RLT and use them to build your miners collection with ease.

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