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Space Game
what is spacebits

SpaceBit is a new Play-To-Earn crypto game, created by the same people who build You can earn real Bitcoin and ERC20 KSK Token while exploring space and battling other players. Spacebit is brand new but already has some fun and exciting features to entertain you as a player. Build your mines, create technology, go on space missions or collect your own NFT Moon in the next Beta update.

how does it work

First you have to pick a Race. Each race has an extra bonus such as production time reduction, shield bonus or damage bonus. Make sure you pick the race that suits you best long term. Follow the simple tutorial that will explain the basics of the game. You will be ready to start your space adventure once you completed the toturial quests.


Every player starts with a planet that has 200 places. You will need these places to build Metal, Plastic, Glass and Crystal mines in order to collect resources. Building ships would require the construction of a Hangar. If you want to research technology to increase the speed or construction of your ships and buildings, then you’ll need to build a Laboratory. Increasing the levels of your buildings will unlock new features in the game. Note that each increasing level will also cost more resources. A good advice would be to focus on evolving all aspects of your planet such as Mines, Ships and Technology.


The laboratory is the place where you can upgrade different technologies. You’ll have to upgrade specific tech in order to unlock new game features. The laboratory is an important aspect of the game, because at some point you will be forced to, for example upgrade technology in order to speed up your ships or increase their cargo capacity. Some technologies allow you to increase the % of your mining capacity, while other technology is required before you can colonize space.


The hanger is used to build a variety of spaceships. You’ll need ships to explore astroids, defend your planet or attack other players. Each ship has its own speed, structure and cost. Some ships are to slow or burn to much Crystal (fuel) in order to collect resources, while others have great capacity for collecting, but won’t do much damage in a battle. So it’s important to pay attention to these details in order to maintain the perfect fleet for your strategy.

the galaxy

The Galaxy is the place where you can send your fleet on a mission to gather resources, or spy and attack other players. There are astroids, comets and exoplanets for you to exploid. You can send ships in order to collect those resources. The amount you are able to collect will depend on A; the size of your fleet and capacity of your spaceships. B; The level of your Storage Technology. Note that comets, astroids and exoplanets won’t dissapear until someone exploids the resources. A space treasure holding a couple million of raw materials could pop-up right next to you. Don’t want to miss out on such a gem? Then make sure to check the nearby space before someone else gets it first.


There are currently 12 daily quests to complete in order to earn Karsek (KSK) ERC20 Tokens. At this moment, KSK can only be used in the marketplace to buy settlers, builders, workers to speed up construction. KSK can also be used to buy different kind of speed boosters, for example to decrease construction time of ships and buildings.

According to Spacebit’s Whitepaper, the KSK Token will soon be listed on Binance and other major exchange platforms. This will make KSK Token an actual game asset and opens the gate for NFT Earning for playing the game! Which is exactly what the developer promised for the players. In the near future, you will be fighting space battles, and getting huge NFT rewards in the form of KSK Tokens for winning.

the merchants

The merchant is the place where you can trade your KSK tokens for a favor. The “Space Trader” will let you exchange resources for other resources at the cost of 50 KSK for each trade. While at the “Scrap Dealer” you can destroy any ship in return for some resources. Each deal will also cost you 50 KSK. At the “Galactic Market” you can buy booster such as “Increase your ships engine by 40%”, but note that boosters like this will come with a greater cost.


“Settlers” is the latest unique feature introduced in the game. And will be a major game changer for long-term players. Settlers are basically ”humans” that you can find while collecting resources on Comets, Astroids or Exoplanets. A Settler can be assign to decrease the construction time of Buildings, Ships or Technology. Each planet can hold a limited amount of settlers, while each category can also hold a limited amount of assigned settlers. It is important to make decide which category you favor in order to assign Settlers to.

For example: If you want to build fast ships, you should assign Settlers to become a “Worker”. If you want to build constructions faster, you’ll have to assign them to become “Builders”. In case you want to speed up your research time, you’ll have to assign them to become ”Scientists”.

Spacebit is a brand new F2P crypto game from the creator of Cryptomininggame, another popular crypto game that ensured it’s place in the industry for nearly 8 years now. Spacebit is still in ALPHA phase, but has huge potential to become one of the best DEFI games out there. It’s the perfect game for every player that loves an exciting space game where you can build your own empire, and earn NFT Tokens for destroying other fleets in battles. It’s only a matter of time before the KSK Token is listed on Binance and other major exchange platforms. If you don’t want to miss out and become on of the first earners in this game, now is the time to join!
the good
F2P (NFT Soon)
Same Owner as CMG
Huge Potential
Free Daily KSK Tokens
Very Reliable Developer
the bad
Still in Early Stage
No Referral System (yet)
SKS Token Not Listed (yet)

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