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Farm Simulation
what is townstar

Town Star is a farm simulator strategy game focusing on town planning and resource management. The concept is similar to Farmville, but Town star includes competitive play-to-earn elements and NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. It was released last November and is part of the GALA games network and ecosystem.

Players who love strategy games will enjoy this in-depth farm simulator. Getting started is simple and free. Town star is playable from the web browser and is compatible with PC and mobile devices.

how does it work

Your goal is to build the most efficient and profitable town by producing and selling goods. Every decision you make in the game has a certain impact, from the geographical location you start your adventure to where you place the buildings and roads. 

The first thing you will need to do is create a Gala Games account, a straightforward process that is vital if you want to earn rewards in the game.


As is the case in real-world farms, your farm has many employees who need to get paid. The employees include a farmer, rancher, lumberjack, and a builder. So, suppose you need a building to be constructed. In that case, the lumberjack will chop down a tree, and the builder will deliver the materials for it.

You also need to build the workers’ respective houses in Town Star. A couple of the most important aspects of the game include storage and space, as all resources need to be stashed away somewhere. Your town will eventually grow, so this is something you need to take into consideration.


Players need to choose a location from the world map Town Star presents. Players just need to choose where they would like to build their town. However, not every location is perfect for a town. Always consider features such as the landscape, surrounding towns, how close you are to the nearest city, etc. before picking up a location.

Town star provides three types of terrains to choose from: desert, forest and plains. Forest is easy with resource availability but difficult to expand. Plain seems the most convenient choice for feeding animals and also easy to expand. However, desert lacks water and trees but has the advantage of oil sip to produce gasoline. So each choice comes with its own pros and cons.

game modes

Picking up a server, you can choose either the Weekly Competition or the Play-to-earn mode. In any mode, you have the chance to earn cryptocurrencies. The weekly competition provides a competition mode where players compete with each other for a week. Among all, 400 top players with the highest profit gain rewards as GALA tokens.

In play-to-earn mode, players earn TownCoin every day when using NFT items to complete their town and go through the challenges. For example, players earn certain number of Stars playing a specific time during the challenges. Further, players earn stars by selling goods from the game.

types of land

Lands in Town Star are classified into 3 types of location:

  • Forest: This biome’s woods, ponds, and craftable materials make it the best place to start a game. The forest’s major downside is the steep expense of clearing forest property, making it difficult to expand a town.
  • Plain: This biome suits average-challenging players as there are few ponds and trees but full of grasses. Currently, the majority of the plain biomes are populated.
  • Desert: In desert biomes, there are no trees, grasses, or ponds. Players can explore an oil seep and mine sands to manufacture the glass bottles needed for wine manufacturing in the game’s most difficult scenario.
townstar nft

Some Town Star items are playable by anyone in the game at any time. These items cost only in-game money. This money must be generated and spent entirely in the game. It is not transferable and has no real value outside of the game. Other items are limited in supply and can actually be owned by players on an individual basis. They are called blockchain items, or NFTs. These items are different from strictly in-game items in several ways.

– They are limited in supply

– They may be purchased in the Gala Games store while supplies last

– They may be transferred out of the game

– They may have real world value outside of the game

– Using them in the game may earn additional rewards

nft bots
  • Bot NFTs  NFTs can perform jobs that are usually done by workers. For example, Mr. Puddles will take care of watering jobs, Cranebot can handle construction, Elfbot will assist you with harvesting crops, etc.
  • Resource Stand NFTs generate passive crops like wheat, sugar, or cotton. 
  • Storage NFTs such as Wheat storage, Grape storage, Brine storage will give you extra storage space for a specific product. Rare NFTs can store larger quantities. 
  • Fountains and water tower NFTs provide a passive water supply for adjacent squares.
  • More examples include Express Depot for faster deliveries,  Solar panels & tesla coils for electricity generation, and NFT skins to change how your town looks.
  • Play-to-earn features are currently free, but in the future, players will be required to hold a season pass NFT to earn TownCoin.
towncoin (town)

TownCoin (TOWN) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The maximum supply of TownCoin is 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens, which are rewarded to the players through challenges. GALA is designing the burning mechanism for the future.

It costs some ETH as gas fee to transfer Town coins from a Gala account to a wallet. The positive point is that after the transfer, the tokens can be converted to Ethereum or any other ERC-20 tokens on Uniswap. However, the process could be a little expensive with current gas fees.

town star nodes

Due to the popularity of the game Town Star, Gala Games has decided to operate with nodes dedicated to the Town Star game. In the first round, 600 nodes were available, but they were all sold in a matter of minutes. People are crazy about these nodes, simply because the same people already have founders nodes which are giving them a steady income, especially with the recent increase in the price of the Gala token.

Town Star nodes provide computing power for the Town Star ecosystem. Running a node requires a license which costs around $14000 when paying with TOWN tokens and up to $17500 paying with other currencies (price estimate for round 2 nodes).

Town star has already boasted about $2M cash prizes to top players. By now, 700,000 unique towns have been created by Town Star’s player builders, and there are $10,000 weekly rewards available for players worldwide. Accordingly, Town Star seems to provide bright prospects of a refreshing gameplay, new earning methods, as well as a host of new NFTs for gamers to bank upon in 2022.
These all makes Town Star a game that is easy to learn and get started. It is free to play and if you wish you can invest on NFTs. Put your NFTs in your town and earn daily TownCoin rewards. Besides, you can take the advantages of weekly competitions. If you look for both fun and profit in NFT world, Town Star is well worth your time and attention.
the good
F2P (Free 2 play)
Smooth & easy gameplay
Huge user base
Active social media
the bad
Expensive NFTs
Gala Account required
Weak F2P integration
Advantage for Node/NFT holders

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